July 13, 2010

Rainy Season.

A break in the weather lets Annie and good friend Taito enjoy some frog hunting in a nearby paddy field. Summer is so close that we can smell it.

May 18, 2009


Enough is enough and after unsuccessfully trying to edit functions,including the "comments" section, I have moved this blog over to Word Press.

Come on over!

May 16, 2009

Something that is missing....

...in my life here in Japan is the concept of charity.Back in the UK,charity events are part of daily life.And such events are lacking in this country.The other day,one of my closest and dearest friends, the wonderful Rebecca, mailed me and mentioned that she is taking part in a well known UK cancer charity event called "The Race for Life " this weekend.And ,my sister,who incidentally has lost a tonne of weight and looks and feels brilliant,also decided that she will be taking part in her local Race for Life in June.And last year,my brave brother-in-law ,Robert,announced that he will be taking part in the 2010 Madrid Marathon in aid of a local charity which you can read all about on his blog.

Charity is said to start at home so I really think I must start thinking about a way to pass on this very important message to my own children.Any ideas are most welcome:)

May 11, 2009

Life in Japan.And why I love it(mostly!)


Annie should be in bed.

But she isn't.

A firefly came and rested on the window.

Annie ran outside and caught it.

And spent a few minutes playing .

Then it was gone.

But the memory remains.

Foiled again.

This time I really thought I would be able to do it.I kept my mouth shut,acted normally and even didn't tell Kenichi.I dressed for work and was as grouchy as I usually am on a Monday morning.It was a close run thing but yet again,I was foiled.Damn damn damn and bugger it all.

You see,I have today off.This coming Sunday is sports day at school so we are supposed to go in on Saturday for a practice hence today is a day off in lieu.And every time I have a day off,something happens to ruin my plans;usually Annie is ill and needs to spend a good few hours at the hospital,the drains get blocked up or there is some kind of neighbourhood event that I must attend...the list goes on.

So I decided to keep really quite about today,especially to Kenichi who has the cruel habit of getting me just as he leaves for work ; "Have a great day and take it easy .Oh,and if you happen to have a spare minute maybe you could blah blah blah".The "blah blah blah" bit always being something that involves cleaning,scrubbing,sorting through cupboards or washing.But once it's been said,I know I can't rest without doing it.And basically it ruins the entire day.Grrrrr.

And naturally,today is no expectation.I have just come back from seeing the doctor with Millie who overnight,developed spots of all things, on her face and head.It doesn't seem to be chicken pox but she has to stay home today just in case it is contagious.She is now fast asleep after a wonderful (for her)visit with the doctor during which she screeched her screechiest screeches,giggled insanely every time she looked at him and kept attacking my boobs so he got a good eyeful of foreign cleavage and goodness knows what else.Poor man will need the rest of the day to recover.

Millie,I love you to bits but honey,why did you have to pick today to go all spotty?